Execute a SQL query that returns a scalar integer value. If the query returns a dataset, the value of the first column in the first row is returned.


ExecuteSqlInt(connection_id, sql_query[, param1] [,…paramN])


  connection_id (string) - The unique identifier of the connection to use to execute the query. You can find it in the connection's page. 

  sql_query - String expression that evaluates to a query that returns a scalar value.

  param11 ... paramN - optional parameters to pass to the query. Use ? as placeholder in the query.


ExecuteSqlInt('mysql_55','SELECT MAX(event_id) FROM events')

ExecuteSqlInt('mysql_55','SELECT age FROM customers WHERE id = ?',user_id)


This function only executes in job runtime. When validating a package with variables that use the function or in X-console, the function returns null.

Return value datatype


Impact of null value

If the connection_id or sql_query are null, null is returned.

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