Xplenty's IP list

In cases you can't use an SSH-tunnel to allow Xplenty access to your database, please white-list the following IP addresses according to your account's region:

Required for any region54.86.110.101/32
AWS - US East (N. Virginia)
AWS - US West (Oregon)
AWS - US West (N. California)
AWS - EU (Ireland)
AWS - Asia Pacific (Singapore)
AWS - Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
AWS - Asia Pacific (Sydney)
AWS - South America (São Paulo)
Google Cloud - Eastern US104.196.26.47/32
Google Cloud - Central US104.197.127.105/32
Google Cloud - Western Europe104.155.28.48/32
Google Cloud - Eastern Asia104.155.217.59/32
Xplenty - US 1100.26.2.251/32
Xplenty - EU
If your account's region isn't specific in the above table, white-list only CIDR

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