Using components: MongoDB Destination

Use the MongoDB Destination component to store the output of your package in a MongoDB collection.
Destination components are always the last component in a package.

To define the MongoDB destination:

  1. Add a MongoDB destination component at the end of your dataflow.
  2. Open the component and name it.
destination settings
  1. mongodb connection - either click the drop-down arrow and select an existing connection, or click create new to create a new connection (see Defining connections).
  2. target collection - the name of the collection where the dataflow output data will be written. If the collection does not exist, a new collection will be created for the dataflow output data.

Then click the Test Connection button to help check that the connection is good and if the target collection exists.

Note: Xplenty fields names prefixed with "underscore_" are mapped to MongoDB fields that are prefixed with _ (e.g. underscore_id is mapped to _id). The following table shows how data types in Xplenty map to MongoDB data types: 

Xplenty MongoDB
String String
Integer 32 Bit Integer
Long 64 Bit Integer
Double Double
Boolean Boolean

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