Working in the new package designer

To modify the package name and description:
  1. Click the package name.
  2. In the Package name text box, type a new name.
  3. In the Package description text box, type a new name.
To add a note:
  1. Click the new note icon. A note appears.
  2. To edit the note, click it and enter text. Click done to save the note.
  3. You can add as many notes as you require.
After you have added at least one source\ task component, you can perform the following actions on the package and components:
  • To open a component for editing - click the component.
  • To add a component to a package - click the blue connector under an existing component, or click + Add Component.
  • To delete a component - hover on the component until the red delete icon appears on the component, then click the red delete icon.
  • To duplicate a component - hover on the component until the black duplicate icon appears on the component, then click the black duplicate icon.
  • To cut the dataflow between components - click the disconnect icon on the hover on the dotted line near a component, then click disconnect.
  • To connect a dataflow between two components - drag the blue connector on the first connector and drop it on the the target connector.
To copy components to the same or a different package:
  1. Select the component(s) to copy using any of the following methods:
    • Click on an empty space on the canvas, and drag to select the required component(s).
    • Select all the components in the package by clicking select and then clicking All (to unselect components, click None).
    • Select only components that are connected to each other by clicking select and then clicking Connected.
  2. Press Ctrl+C (on a Mac, press Cmd+C).
  3. Open the required package and press Ctrl+V (on a Mac, press Cmd+V).
To modify a component's name:
  1. Click the component.
  2. In the first text box in the component, type a new name.
To undo your last changes to a package:
    Click the undo arrow icon.
To redo your last changes to a package:
    Click the redo arrow icon.
To use the expression editor in a component field:
  1. Open the required component.
  2. Click the edit icon on the field.
  3. To activate auto-complete, press Ctrl+SPACEBAR. A list of field names (available in this component), functions and data types appears. Scroll to the required item and click to add it to the expression.
To change the order of fields in a component:
    Click and drag the arrow located to the left of the field up or down to the new position.

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