Importing Heroku Connections

You can easily import your Heroku database connections to Xplenty. Once imported, they are displayed and are available with your other Xplenty database connections.

To import your Heroku connections

  1. Click your avatar at the top right of window, then click Account settings.
  2. On the left menu, click Connections. Existing connections are listed.
  3. Click the new database connection dropdown menu and select  Import from Heroku
  4. Click let's go in the import connections from heroku window
  5. If you have not previously authorized Xplenty access to your Heroku applications, you are asked to authorize Xplenty access to your Heroku apps. Click Allow Access.
  6. Choose from the list of applications that is displayed the Heroku application whose connections you want to import.
  7. Choose the connections to import from the list of connections and then click Import.

The connections now appear on your list of database connections, with all the attributes defined

To revoke Xplenty authorization to access application data

As mentioned above, when you import Heroku connections you will be prompted, if required, to authorize access. You can later from your Heroku account, revoke that access permission with these steps:

  1. Click your avatar at the top right of window and then click Account.
  2. In the Authorized Applications section, click Revoke.
  3. Click Revoke in the confirmation prompt.

Note: The authorization is only to import the connections, with no possibility to change the Heroku connection. In addition, Xplenty does not persistently store any of your Heroku credentials.

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