Allowing Xplenty access to data on OpenStack Swift

To define a connection in Xplenty to Swift

  1. Click your avatar, then click Account settings.
  2. Click Connections, then click new connection and click Swift (OpenStack).
  3. Type a name for the connection, then fill the various fields as follows:
    • User Name - the username you use to access the Swift service. If required by your provider, you might also have to enter the account in the following format: account:username.
    • API Key - the password assigned to your account
    • Authentication Service - the url of the authentication service used to authenticate you.
    • Authentication Method - the authorization system used by the identity service
    • Tenant Name (optional) - a container used to group or isolate resources and/or identity objects, as defined by your Swift service provider.
  4. Click test connection If the credentials are correct, a message that the cloud storage connection test was successful appears.
  5. Click create swift connection.
  6. The connection is created and appears in the list of file storage connections.
  7. Now you can create a package and test it on your actual data stored in Swift.

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