Allowing Xplenty access to my Snowflake account

In order to allow Xplenty access to your Snowflake account, login to your Snowflake account using your favorite SQL client and execute the following commands to create a user with proper permissions for Xplenty:

USE ROLE accountadmin; -- use this role to be able to grant permissions
CREATE ROLE "xplenty"; -- create a role to assign to the Xplenty user
CREATE USER xplenty PASSWORD='' DEFAULT_ROLE = "xplenty"; -- create a user with a password
GRANT ROLE "xplenty" TO USER xplenty; -- assign user to role

-- run the following for each database you'd like Xplenty to access:

GRANT USAGE ON DATABASE "" TO ROLE "xplenty"; -- grant database access to Xplenty
GRANT CREATE SCHEMA ON DATABASE "" TO ROLE "xplenty"; -- grant schema creation privilege to Xplenty
GRANT ALL ON SCHEMA ""."" TO ROLE "xplenty"; -- grant Xplenty privileges to do anything within the defined schema

-- run the following for each warehouse you'd like Xplenty to use:

GRANT ALL ON WAREHOUSE "" TO "xplenty"; -- allow Xplenty to use a warehouse

Once you've granted Xplenty access to your Snowflake, create a connection in Xplenty:

  • Click your avatar, then click Account settings.
  • Click Connections, then click new connection and click Snowflake.
  • Type a name for the connection.
  • Enter your account name (e.g. xplenty if you login to
  • Enter the user name and password you created for Xplenty to use.
  • Enter the default database to use.
  • Enter the default warehouse to use.
  • Set the region to your Snowflake's account's region.

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